Erin Bell
There were a lot of memorable experiences in the French house! We went bowling, to a restaurant with the French Table, and had a great end of the semester meal because we were all able to come together and cook, talk French, have an authentic French meal, and enjoy each other’s company.

~Erin Bell, Freshman majoring in International Studies

Laurel WilsonI have become much more confident speaking French conversationally. I can’t believe how much easier it is to have a conversation entirely in French! My enthusiasm for the language has certainly grown. I’ve also enjoyed meeting the other people in the French House – I’ve learned a lot from them and with them!

~Laurel Wilson, Sophomore majoring in International Studies

Melissa Henderson
I would really encourage students interested in gaining fluency in French to join the French House. It is nice to learn in the relaxed environment of the group as a supplement to a conventional French course. Practice makes perfect, and the French House is the perfect place to communicate in French and not be afraid to make the mistakes because you’re all learning together.

~Melissa Henderson, Current House Director, Senior majoring in Business

I think it is a good opportunity for students who want to speak French in a less formal way. Being in the French House may enable them to be more confident in speaking French, and it enables them not only to improve their French language but also to discover more about the French culture and the differences with the American culture.

~Pauline Noblet, Senior majoring in Political Science

Kari Debois

My sincere passion for the language (both speaking and teaching) has no boundaries; I wanted another opportunity to share with others this captivating culture and language even when I’m not formally teaching and the French House allowed me such an opportunity.  This past semester has been truly remarkable, and I am so very grateful to the other House members for creating such a memorable and unique learning/teaching experience.

~Kari DeBois, former House director, Graduate Student in French Linguistics